Privacy Policy for TV Multishare

1. Information We Collect:

File and Data Sharing:

TV Multishare operates exclusively through WiFi Direct, utilizing a client-server method via sockets for file and data sharing. Notably, no data is stored on a central server. Upon completion of file transfers or if the sender closes the app, the data is instantly and permanently deleted.

Storage Permissions for Files Transfer:

Seamless file transfers necessitate TV Multishare’s access to storage permissions on all devices. This permission enables the app to read and write files during the transfer process, ensuring a smooth user experience.

WiFi Direct Discovery Location Permissions:

Access to location permissions enhances the accuracy and efficiency of device discovery during WiFi Direct interactions.

Silent Notifications:

Following file transfers, silent notifications are displayed for user convenience. It’s imperative to clarify that these notifications serve only as a user interface feature and do not involve data storage or processing.

Third-Party Libraries:

Lottie Animations:

Lottie animations contribute to an engaging user interface without collecting user-specific data.


Integrated for displaying advertisements, AdMob may collect non-personal information for ad targeting. Please refer to Google’s privacy policy for comprehensive details on AdMob’s data practices.

2. Data Security and Deletion:

TV Multishare prioritizes user data security. Files and data shared between devices are promptly deleted after transfers, ensuring users maintain complete control over their shared content.

3. User Control:

Users wield full control over their data. The app’s design ensures that if the sender closes the app, the shared data is instantly and permanently deleted.

4. External Links and Contact Information:

Convenient access to essential pages (privacy policy, about, contact, and guide) is provided within the app. For privacy-related inquiries, users can contact us at

5. Notification of Changes:

Users will be promptly informed of any significant alterations to the privacy policy through the app or other communication channels.

By engaging with TV Multishare, you implicitly agree to the terms elucidated in this updated Privacy Policy. Your trust is invaluable, and we are unwavering in our commitment to ensuring the security and privacy of your data while using our file-sharing app.

Thank you for choosing TV Multishare!